Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Know the Interesting Facts of Louis Gerard Saliot

The task of developing and managing tourism project is not easy. Building a world-class tourism hub needs expertise and experience in the real estate industry. Developing a tourism business model from scratch is hard to deliver. However, when you have an undying dedication and passion for excellence, everything is possible. This is what one can see in Louis Gerard Saliot eyes -desires to build more tourism hubs with modern facilities and infrastructures. Due to these qualities, he had a huge contribution to the development of tourism and hospitality industry of many countries in Asia Pacific region.

In his initial days, Gerard Saliot has worked with Unilever in Africa and Europe. Then, he joined in the real estate industry before moving to Asia with a vision and mission of changing the way of spending a holiday for tourists. In 1991, he founded the Euro Asia Management Group with his two partners, having offices in Indonesia and Singapore.

EuroAsia has hired a team of skilled professional solely for the development of tourism projects in the region. Under his abled-supervision, Euro Asia has completed many projects contributing in various capacities. The group has been instrumental in the designing, implementation of architectural design, to the market study of the projects.
Here are the core services offered by the company:

  • Market study and feasibility
  • Consulting and auditing of tourism project
  • Designing and implementation of architectural design
  • Financial assessment and arrangement of money from banks
  • Merger and acquisition of the project
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • And much more on the list

Here are the projects where the group has worked, and many are in the pipeline:

  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • Cakrawala Residence in Bali, Indonesia
  • The Megati Resort
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort
  • The Sun Park Project
  • And others project

Apart from that, Gerard Saliot founded two sister projects – Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract. These companies are responsible for the rapid development of hotels and restaurants procuring necessary accessories from the neighbouring countries. In this way, the Euro Asia group can develop such tourism projects satisfying the clients in price and quality.  

Friday, 22 December 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – A Prominent Figure in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The success of the tourism industry depends upon the quality of resorts and infrastructure available in the place. Resorts, villas, shopping malls, sports complex, spas, and others are essential parts of a resort now. These foundations are an integral part of a tourist place or holiday destination. Visitors prefer to spend their vacations where such modern facilities are available for relaxation, fun, and thrilling activities for all age groups.

Building world-class tourism hubs or leisure destination is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Expertise in designing of tourism master plan, architectural design, and ancillary services are essential in building those projects.

Euro Asia is one of the most popular companies providing project development and management services to the customers in the tourism industry and leisure destination. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of this company, established in 1991 collaborating with two partners and offices in Singapore and Indonesia. The company is offering specialised service with the help of a skilled team of professionals in the industry.

Fiji, East Java, Indonesia, and Singapore are the top countries in which the company has worked with local firms to develop tourism hubs and leisure destination. The company has offered a variety of services like designing of Tourism Master Plan, architectural design, auditing, consulting, and other services necessary for rapid construction of tourism hubs, hotels and restaurants.

Apart from Euro Asia, Gerard Saliot founded two sister companies, namely Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Contract, for the. These two groups are helping in the rapid construction of projects and making the procurement of necessary accessories like furniture, cases, and other equipment from neighbouring areas.

It won’t be wrong to say that Gerard Saliot has played a significant role in development and designing of these projects, being the initiator and supervisor of the firm. It is unlikely that people will forget his works and contributions in the tourism industry soon.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top Projects and Services of Louis Gerard Saliot for Tourism Industry

Development of a tourism hub needs a good amount of investment for the firms. A dream tourism hub good infrastructures, connectivity, and establishment for providing foods, shopping, drinks, and leisure activities within walking distance. Resort is an isolated place consisting of modern amenities necessary for an ideal holiday experience.

A tourism hub can attract visitors when it has modern amenities with special facilities for leisure, adventure and other activities. Sensing this importance, Louis Gerard Saliot has founded a company – Euro Asia Management Company in 1991. The company is offering several services to realise the dream projects of real estate firms.

Here are the top projects in which Saliot and Euro Asia have worked to deliver within the deadlines of the client:

  • The Megati Resort Project
  • Cakrawala Residence Project in Bali, Indonesia
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort in West Papua
  • The City Hotel Resort
  • And others

The team of Euro Asia worked dedicatedly in the realisation of these projects within the deadline. The top services offered by the company for development and management of tourism projects are:

  • Audit and consulting for development of tourism project
  • Building of National Tourism Master Plan for countries
  • Merger and acquisition of tourism projects
  • Legal advice and services to owners
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from the banks
  • And others

Hospitality and ancillary services are an essential part of the tourism industry. Luxury hotels and restaurants are essential to provide the services to the tourists visiting the area. Gerard Saliot has established Euro Asia Hotel Contract and Hotel Modular Development ventures to deliver hospitality services. Both the ventures work under the supervision of Saliot for the rapid designing and construction of luxury hotel rooms and suite for tourists.

Saliot has contributed to the development of tourism industry in innumerable ways. His roles and works will be remembered by the countries in the South Pacific region.

Friday, 8 December 2017

How Louis Gerard Saliot Helps in Building Tourism Projects?

Building an ideal resort needs a good amount of investment and time for the firms. Creating a dream place for the tourists with modern facilities and establishments for food, rejuvenation, fun activities, sports complexes, shopping, and the hotel is not easy.

Further, you need to find a suitable isolated place with panoramic view and beauty. Research and analysing of the market are necessary before building taking such an expensive project. More than that, there should be good engineers who can turn your dream project into reality.

What if you can find all the services in a place?

Yes, this is what the EuoAsia Management Company is offering to the real estate firms in the South Pacific region. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of this company in the year 1991. The firm offer specialised services for the development and management of tourism projects and hospitality industry. Saliot and his team of skilled professionals are helping to realise the dream project of clients at reduced prices.

Here are the top services that Euro Asia is offering to the clients:

  • Help in the creation of National Tourism Master Plan
  • Building of architectural design and planning in consultation with clients
  • Merger and acquisition of tourism projects
  • Market study and feasibility of the project
  • Financial assumption and arrangement from the banks
  • Legal service in the realisation of the project
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with the owner
  • And others

Apart from that, Gerard Saliot has established EuroAsia Hotel Contract and Hotel Modular Development venture for the rapid construction of hotels and restaurants in the region. The companies are meeting the need of firms providing quality furnishing in the construction. It includes designing of hotel and restaurants room with modern amenities for providing a wonderful stay to the tourists.

The companies are offering furnishing items like furniture, case woods, bed, and other decorative accessories for the room. The products are of smooth finishing to deliver quality work at reduced prices. Use of modern equipment and a team of experts help Saliot in completing the projects within the deadline and satisfy the clients.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Famous in South Pacific Region?

The name of Louis Gerard Saliot pop-up when one talks of tourism development services and management in South Pacific. The countries coming in the South Pacific region are Indonesia, Fiji, East Java, West Papua, and Singapore among others. The region has a huge potential for tourism industry due to scenic islands, sandy beaches, unspoilt water resources, and others.

There is one problem preventing the development is the lack of suitable infrastructure. However, things are changing rapidly with the coming of numerous firms for building holiday destinations with villas, resorts, shopping mall, marinas, and other thrilling activities.

Sensing the importance of developing tourism projects and management, Saliot has established a company – Euro Asia Management Company in 1991. It is an important company that offers a complete service of project development and management service to the real estate firms.

EuroAsia has been carrying out the task of designing Master Plan for Tourism Development in different countries. The company has completed numerous projects, and many are in the pipeline. Here is the list of successful projects of the company:

  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • Natadola Marine Resort at Natadola Bay in Fiji
  • Cakrawala Residence in Bali, Indonesia
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort
  • The Megati Resort Project

Gerard Saliot and his team have worked dedicatedly in the development of these projects to boost the tourism industry. With the rising of tourist inflows, many countries are experiencing an increased in the foreign exchange and employment opportunities.

Hospitality and ancillary services are essential for the survival of the tourism industry. It is why Saliot has created the Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract to build tourism projects within a short time. It is helpful in providing hospitality and ancillary services to the real estate firms.

It is why the Gerard has got popularity in these countries for providing unique services for the tourism development and management. His contributions and roles will be remembered for generations to come.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Why is Gerard Saliot Popular in Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It generates huge revenues and has the potential of creating employment for youths. Countries that are gifted with scenic beauty get propelled in the economic growth after creating tourist hubs and leisure destinations.

South Pacific region has many countries with a potential to develop tourism projects. The region has abundant unspoilt islands and water resources necessary to attracts visitors from different nations.
After realising this potential, many countries are inviting foreign investors and real estate firm to build projects to boost tourism. There is a significant rise in the demand for project development and management services in the region.

Thus, Louis Gerard Saliot has established the Euro Asia Management Group in 1991 to offer specialised services to the clients in this field. Till now, the company has completed many projects successfully in the South Pacific regions satisfying clients with cost, quality and deadline.

The construction procedure of tourism projects has been streamlined by the skilled professionals of the company. In fact, the firm offers specialised services in every sector needed in the building of a projects with world-class amenities.

Here are the core services of EuroAsia:

  • Help in the merger and acquisition
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Legal services for the resolution of obstacles
  • Market study and feasibility before starting the project
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from the banks
  • Master planning and creation of architectural design
  • Provide design and construction at a reduced cost

Innovative and scientific ideas are utilised in the implementation of projects assessing environmental effects. In these works, Gerard Saliot has actively supervised and participated in the process. Owing to the roles in carving out a project, many countries have accoladed his contributions for the growth of tourism industry in the region.

The Natadola Marine resort in Fiji is one such fine example where Gerard Saliot and team were involved in the development and promotion of the project. Situated in the Natadola Bay, the leisure destination has everything that tourists demand in an ideal resort. Similarly, he has worked and designing numerous projects in this region for boosting the tourism sector.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top Contributions of Louis Gerard Saliot for Tourism Industry

Good infrastructure is an essential factor in attracting tourists to any country or place. It is because a resort is defined as an isolated place where there is numerous establishment for enjoyment, food, drinks, and shopping.

Building a world-class tourism, there must be modern facilities that change the way of spending a holiday for visitors. Scenic beauty is an added advantage, but special infrastructure brings up the enjoyment of tourists. Thus, building a tourism hub needs experience and skills in this sector.

Gerard Saliot is a popular figure providing specialised services in the project development and management in the industry. He realised the potential of building tourist hubs in the South East Pacific region. That’s why he established Euro Asia Management Group in 1991, solely for the development of tourism projects in these countries – Indonesia, Fiji, East Java, and other regions.

EuroAsia has a team of skilled professionals necessary for the building and management of tourism projects. Resorts, villas, spa, kid clubs, sports complex, shopping malls, and other recreational activities are essential in creating an ideal holiday destination. The EuroAsia could succeed in providing these services due to the presence of experienced professionals in this field.

Here are the top contributions of EuroAsia for the tourism industry:

  • Market study and feasibility
  • Merger and acquisition of real estate projects
  • Financial assumption and arrangement from banks
  • Land negotiation and borrowing
  • Legal advice
  • Master planning and architectural design of projects
  • Implementation of projects for clients

The company has successfully developed many projects in different countries. Some of them are:

  • Raja Ampat
  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • The Megati Resort
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • City Hotel Project
  • Cakrawala Residence, and others

Louis Gerard Saliot has utilised his experience and expertise in building every project. The architectural designs were perfectly implemented to build by the expectation of the clients.

Hotel and restaurants are essential in providing hospitality services to the tourists visiting the place. The Hotel Modular Development is an important venture to construct hotels and restaurants at reduced costs for the customers in the region.

Owing to his commendable work and contributions to the tourism industry, many countries provided him accolades with numerous awards and projects.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – A Man with a Mission for Tourism Industry

A tourism industry can thrive in a place with scenic beauty and infrastructures. The inflowing tourist needs a place to stay with proper amenities and management services based on the demand for customers. It is why tourist hubs need a proper infrastructure supporting enjoyment, management, and other services for their comfortable stay. One thing is important – a place can’t be a tourist hub without developing the villas, resorts, and other facilities required in a place.

Realising the importance of developing the infrastructure, Louis Gerard Saliot has founded a company to offer these services. EuroAsia Management Company is the name of the company aimed at project development and management of real estate and hospitality industry. 

Though the firm was established in 1991, yet the company has worked on many projects in different countries of South Pacific regions. It is why he is appreciated and won accolades from many governments for its selfless services in the tourism industry.

Some of the notable projects where EuroAsia worked dedicated in the development of tourism industry creating hubs are Cakrawala Residence in Indonesia, Sunpark resorts, Natadola marine resort in Fiji, Four Seasons Bora Bora, Raja Ampat, Megati Resorts, and others. The company has been involved in the development of leisure destination, hotel and sports centre at different places in the region. Apart from that, the company has been involved in the designing and implementation of Master Tourism Project in different regions.

The demand for hotel and management services in the South Pacific region has increased manifolds from the real estate firms. Sensing the demand, Gerard Saliot has founded another venture partnering with firms to deliver hotel development services. The company offers hotel construction and interior design services at reduced costs.

Backed by a team of professionals in real estate, the company is one of the most popular firms in the South Pacific region. The firm has experts dealing with a market study, financial assessment, assumption, legal advising, merging and acquisition, and other services. The firm is expected to achieve greater height in the industry and roles of Saliot will be remembered forever.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Gerard Saliot-The game changer for Fiji tourism

Fiji is known for beautiful scenic attractions. The magnificent sea beaches, beautiful hills and rich cultures and histories of Fijians are the major attractions for visitors. Despite so much potential for growth, the tourism industry in the country had been underdeveloped till game-changing, watershed development was initiated. Admirations poured from different corners of the country for the pioneering leader who, with a vision, ventured into developing the Natadola project under the banner of his firm, EuroAsia.

Louis Gerard Saliot has been instrumental and played a crucial role in overall management of his company, EuroAsia. It is the management firm offering services consisting of consultancy on development, planning and implementation concept of tourism and leisure industry projects. Those who are set to start their ventures in the form of projects such as developing the hotel, resorts with all kinds of amenities etc. may look forward to taking up the services.

The Natadola project has played a remarkable role in promoting the tourism industry of Fiji. And it was possible only because of the expertise and competencies that got the better expression on the part of Louis Gerard Saliot. In the recently held conference of Hotel investment conference Asia Pacific, he also participated as CEO of EuroAsia Management Group and talked about opportunities, pros and cons brought out by modular construction.

The EuroAsia Management Group has been responsible for giving the most beautiful finishing to the Natadola project. The firm responsibly worked for project concept, financial assumption, turn-key project, feasibility study, preliminary master plan, market study, project development, business model, designing and building, managing of the project etc.

Now Fiji got a huge boost and rewrote another tourism landmark in the country. The best part of the project is the creation of jobs in plenty and most of the beneficiaries have been the local populace. The contribution of this pioneer will be remembered if tourism remains as an attraction for the country, Fiji.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The significance of Natadola project led by Gerard Saliot

Having emerged as the pioneer in many leisure and hospitality industry, the contribution offered by Louis Gerard Saliot seems inevitable. The global tourism industry usually receives boosting push by specific industry expanding projects. Talking about his recent project that has changed the scenario of the entire tourism industry in Fiji, it is the Natadola project that has been great. The project under the able leadership flourished and got completed successfully.

Several hotels, resorts with beautifully furnished surfaced giving the best exciting experience to international travellers. The best thing that got out of the project has the job opportunities that local Fijian people obtained. Fiji is an island country with plenty of scenic attractions, and for the full flourish of tourism in the country, a push was required.

So, that was the push offered by Natadola project. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of EuroAsia management group. He has been guiding and taking the firm from strength to strength. He is currently engaged with his company as CEO and President too. His EuroAsia has been offering diverse services of leisure and hospitality industry comprised of development services such as the building of amusement park, sustainable resort concepts, retreat resort, golf course, holiday residential estate, conference and meetings facilities, etc.

Global businesspersons can seek great ideas from him because he offers suite services landowners and investors in the areas of development, planning and operation of hospitality and tourism-related projects. Besides, they can also seek advisory services, feasibility analysis services and even offers project financing arrangement service for them.

After coming into the market, the EuroAsia has been carrying out a pleasant task in transforming some of the dream projects into realities. The way Gerard takes up the projects and completes them successfully, it appears that he has been the man on the mission. There are many other qualities one may find inspiring from him. The way he has been instrumentally leading the EuroAsia speaks volume about his in-depth skills and knowledge about handling the international project.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot: An Architect of the Fijian Tourism

 If you are a passionate traveller and looking for an exotic destination for your upcoming holidays, there can be no place better than a beautiful Melanesian country, Fiji. 

Fiji, a country known for some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders, is a vibrant tourism destination. Magical coral reefs and soothing sites are the major tourist attractions. Furthermore, you can visit the Garden of Sleeping Giant and the Fiji Museum, offering you handful information about the tradition, culture and history of the Island.

If you love to spend some time in the lap of the Mother Nature, Fiji has so much to offer you, from whitewater rafting and Sea Kayaking to the Championship Golf Course surrounded by lush green tropical forests. Once enjoying dashing adventures and interacting with nature and different cultures, you can wind up your day by having some mouthwatering food at top restaurants and hotels in the country.

Over the last few years, Fiji has registered a fast growth in the tourism industry, creating employment opportunities to the natives. However, Fijian tourism would not have been that much explored and developed, had there been not a person called Louis Gerard Saliot.

Louis is one of the frontrunners who changed the lifestyle of Fijian people dependent on the tourism industry.  He has done some great things to the Fijian tourism industry. Being the architect of the Natadola project, he has contributed to boosting the inflow of tourists in the country.

His excellent vision and stunning leadership have turned the barren land of Fiji into one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. People in Fiji taken his name with due respect for his unprecedented contribution to the tourism industry. The Natadola marine project is a great achievement where you can find Louis’ innovative mind and dedication in bridging a project loved by all.

It’ a strong leadership and determination of Louis Gerard Saliot that helped him turning the barren land of Fiji into world-class resorts, theme parks, and other amusements. If Fiji is on your visit list, contact us to get more information about top tourist spots in the country.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Why is Gerard Saliot a Leading Name in Hospitality and Management Industry?

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is because people are exploring new places of countries during the holiday or leisure time with their families. In fact, the holiday has become a significant period for working professionals to be with their loved ones and rejuvenate before getting into the work again. Therefore, tourists prefer to choose destinations containing these facilities for adventure activities, entertainment and relaxation after a tiring day of fun.

Fiji is one such destination that is gaining immense popularity among the tourists. The reason is the presence of necessary infrastructure and eye-catching sceneries for the fun lovers. The country is surrounded by unspoilt water bodies and possesses beautiful landscape, panoramic views, hill station, rivers, and waterfalls among others.

Natural views are essential in attracting the tourists from different regions. However, it’s not all that visitors want. 
Without facilities for accommodation, relaxation, marinas, and others, no tourist will ever land in that place. Realising this fact, Louis Gerard Saliot has promoted and started developing the Natadola Marine Resort in the Bay area. It is a complete tourist hub containing beautiful villas, resorts, parks, and marinas for the fun lovers.

He is a prominent figure in the management and development of projects related to the tourism and hospitality industry. Hardened by over 35 years of work experience in the real estate, he had founded the EuroAsia Management Group in 1994. The company works on providing the best in quality services for the development and management of tourism-related projects in South Asia.

Louis Gerard Saliot, along with his EuroAsia company, was involved in the development of Fiji’s Natadola project from the beginning. His love for creating world-class hubs for tourists and use of scientific knowledge is visible in the projects. And his work in Fiji, Indonesia and East Java will be remembered for generations to come.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why do people from around the world love Gerard Saliot?

Every couple intending to visit the Fiji would be impressed by the beauty of nature and man-made wonders. Amidst of the pleasing beauty, the most eye-catching view one can enjoy the scenic view of the sea, especially during the sunrise and sunset. The beaches through which many visitors walk around taking and enjoying the real romance in existence there. Along with that natural scenic attraction, now one can shift one’s focus at the man-made paradise in the land of heaven. Considering the artistic works, one cannot stay away from admiring the Louis Gerard Saliot who has been quite instrumental in pushing up the Fijian tourism.

He has been visionary, and it gets reflected from the works he did over the years. From founding and leading EuroAsia management group to deliver the promised services under his supervision, it seems he is the person with high reliability and individuals with such attributes always command success. 

Who can forget the great Natadola project? Many international hotels and resorts with world class amenities and facilities are available. International tourists rush here in large number and spend their holidays pleasantly. The resorts face the seaside, and they can enjoy the beautiful sight of the sea. Most important thing is not the international tourists who can enjoy, but it is the local Fijian people who got employment right after the completion of the Natadola project. This project led to mushrooming of restaurants, hotels, and resorts with all kinds of luxurious facilities. They also brought many job scopes. After the completion of the project, there has been an increase in the number of tourists visiting Fiji.

Gerard Saliot, currently the president and CEO of EuroAsia management Group firm has led the project of Natadola to successful completion. EuroAsia has been significantly playing the crucial role in offering excellent quality services in the market. Specialised in developing the project of recreation and hospitality industry this firm has come into the global market and started providing services such as the development of integrated sustainable resort concepts, holiday residential estate, golf course, marina, theme park, conference and meeting facilities as well as the amusement park.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Can anyone imagine the face of Fiji tourism without Natadola project?

How has Fiji tourism got boosted by Natadola project is something more interesting to know. This project led to the creation of various recreational hotspots and brought all-round development including employment for youths.

New hotels, villas, resorts and hospitality chains have been established for travellers to spend their holidays conveniently. Additionally, spas for relaxation and marinas have been built for adventurous water sports in the Bay area. Theme parks and gardens are available for recreational activities for families and fun lovers. All these things are instrumental in making Natadola Marine resorts a preferred destination for tourists.

Owing to the higher influx of tourists, Fiji is earning more foreign exchanges and accelerated the economic growth.
Fiji could be transformed into a global tourism hotspot due to the persistent effort of a great and visionary leader – Louis Gerard Saliot. He has been involved in the design and implementation of tourism development projects since the beginning.

Saliot has worked with many renowned real estate firms in the early days of his career. He has over 35 years of professional experience the development and management of projects in real estate industries. However, he wanted to contribute more to the hospitality and tourism sectors in developing more leisure destinations. This is the sole reason why Euro Asia Management Group come into being in 1994.

Since the formation of EuroAsia group, he has played crucial roles in the development of Tourism Master Plan in different countries. Some of them are the development of National Tourism Master Plan for Indonesia in Bali, Natadola Bay project in Fiji, and others. Impressed by his work, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has mandated him to prepare another Master Plan for East Java.

Besides the designing, EuroAsia is involved in the market study, financial assessment and arrangement, legal service, negotiation with landowners, and everything related to the development of tourism projects. Gerard Saliot has participated and supervised his team in these activities actively to develop world-class integrated resorts and leisure destination as required by real estate companies.

In the hospitality sector, he is involved in the interior design and building of luxurious rooms for restaurants and hotels through his Hotel Modular Development company.

When it comes to development and management of real estate projects, the name of Saliot will always be taken with respects.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A glimpse towards the personality of Gerard Saliot

The efficient management of the Euro Asia clarifies one important fact, and it is how a person can go far in pursuit of success with firm determination. It has just been proved by none other than the personality from whom we can learn a lot of things, which if one has self-belief then one can go to any length when it comes to achieving something. This is what has been set as an example by Louis Gerard Saliot who has pioneered Asia Management Group leading from the front.

This management group has been helping people who have their business domain particularly in the areas of tourism and leisure. It is the Singapore based company specialising in conceptualising and developing the resorts, golf course, marina, holiday residential estate, hotel, conference and meetings facilities followed by amusement park too. 

Gerard Saliot is currently the CEO as well as President of Euro Asia Management.

He has been responsible offering helping hands to many business owners, investors as well as landowners who are quite specialised in the areas of planning, hospitality, development and operation of projects. Besides all these, one can also find him offering the consultancy services consisting of consulting, feasibility analysis and arranging of project financing are the primary services provided. After developing the Natadola project now, the management group has shifted its focus to another project in Indonesia.

The main gain of the Natadola project has been with the local people around. Tourism blossomed, several employment scopes and an opportunity came up, and one would find the large section of the elite group of people visiting there to enjoy their vacation. The kind of quality works they performed and the innovation and creativity with which project was carried out, it is highly commendable and admiring.

It shows the positive side of Gerard Saliot who has always been instrumental in developing some of the world class resorts in around the world.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The reason behind increasing name and fame of Gerard Saliot

Gerard Saliot is a pioneer and an inspiring leader, leading Euro-Asia Management Group from the front. Among many developmental stories, the one who has had a remarkable positive impact has been the development of Natadola project development in Fiji. Before getting into the details of the project, it is interesting to know about him. He is a businessman with humanity and having work experience of over 30 years, and he has been all responsible for many business projects. As a founder of Euro-Asia management Group, Louis Gerard Saliot is intelligently moving forward the firm which is specialised at offering development of tourism, hospitality, leisure etc.

An aspirant willing to run international business must learn from the living legend who has responsibly played a crucial role in the overall development of Natadola project. The project under his leadership saw rapid development. Before the founding of his EuroAsia management company, Gerard Saliot has worked with Unilever for 15 years and after that, he migrated to France and engaged with one of his leading property development companies based in France. And right after that, it was in 1993 that he moved into Asia and founded the Euro-Asia Management Group.

The firm is not only responsible for offering specialised services in the sector of developing tourism, leisure and hospitality but also extends its services towards providing consultancy to many international agencies. In this management company, many numbers of specialised professionals are engaged at work such as legal and financial experts, project managers, master planner, architect and interior designers. 

Through his team of all the expert professionals, he has led the Natadola project from the front, and today it has turned out to be one of the significant developments in Fiji. It has heralded the Fijian tourism.  The project which has turned out to be one of the famous tourist hotspots with vast landmass widely spread adjacent to Natadola Championship Golf Course.

Hotel resorts with all kinds of amenities and facilities are available, and visitors can walk through the beautiful lanes and can also spend valuable time facing the seaside. This project has played a significant role in building the reputation of the Gerard Saliot in which all his commitment and dedication get reflected. And the project in one way became an integral part of his professional life.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The increasing recognition of Louis Gerard Saliot

Gerard Saliot, the CEO and President of EuroAsia Group has been playing a vital role in spearheading the company. EuroAsia, the dedicated result of him has established its services in the globe with specialised services in the development of both leisure and hospitality industry in the Asia Pacific region. The company delivers services in the areas of planning and developing of the hotel, retreat resort, integrated sustainable resort concepts, holiday residential estate, theme park, golf course and amusement park etc.

The company also offers financial advisory services followed by feasibility analysis for corporate ventures. In one way, one can say Louis Gerard Saliot has been instrumental in shaping up of many projects. Some of those projects would not have seen the day light and credit goes to this wonderful person. The leadership reflects on the way how he has been amazingly leading the company from the front. When one talks about him, one simply gets clueless what to describe as the man with the mission, leading a company from the front has become an ideal personality for every young person who can learn a lot from him.

The positivity, dedication and various other attributes are the hallmarks of the Gerard Saliot which are taking him to the new height of professional glory. He has gained immense experience as the industry specialist in the sectors of leisure and vacation. He knows how to plan, design and execute the project and his service through EuroAsia Group is incredibly commendable. Through his quality and dedicated works, he has become the known face in the world.

Even he played a significant role in New Holidays Residence Development in Uluwatu. EuroAsia initiated the preparation of CAKRAWALA Residence using innovative ideas and giving shape to leisure and vacation destination master plan. The projects after coming into existence offer plenty of opportunities to people who from different parts of the world love visiting and enjoying their vacation or holidays. Employment generation has been the greatest benefits of such projects.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Remarkable Role of Gerard Saliot in Development of Tourism Hubs

Louis Gerard has been instrumental in the shaping of some of the world-class projects in hospitality and leisure industry. He has founded the Euro-Asia Management Group in 1994 and worked dedicatedly to become one of the prominent real estate project development and management firms in the market of today. The company focuses on offering a complete solution to developers and investors of hospitality and leisure industry through its quality services.

Louis Gerard Saliot contribution towards business world cannot be quickly forgotten.  He is a visionary leader possessing over 35 years of work experience in the real estate industry developing projects related to hospitality, leisure and tourism. It was his experience that helped to achieve great heights in the development and management of projects without any obstacle. The services offered by Euro-Asia are a manifestation of his thought and skills in this field.

EuroAsia is significantly involved in the designing and implementing of numerous tourism projects in Indonesia and East Java. The company has a complete team of skilled and experienced professionals who can build world-class resorts and leisure destination.

The service starts from studying the feasibility of the project, financial assessment and assumption, financial arrangement, negotiation with land owners, legal services, and everything else related to the development of integrated holiday spots.

For example, the group has been involved in the development of Cakarawala Residence a vacation spot in Bali, Indonesia. Gerard Saliot participated in the design to execution of this project near to the sea. It is a car-free zone consisting of luxury villas, resorts, kid club, and spas among other facilities.

Impressed by the work of this project, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has mandated the group to develop the National Tourism Development Master Plan for East Java also.

His contribution doesn’t stop there as he founded Hotel Modular Development in 2016. It is a joint venture specialising in the building of interior design of hotel and restaurant rooms of leisure destinations.

In every project, he has shown extraordinary resilience to obstacles and willingness to create something better for the greater benefit of the tourism industry. That is why he has inspired and going to do so even to the generations to come.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – The Promoter and Developer of Tourism Projects in Indonesia

When it comes to international business and project development service, Euro-Asia Management Group automatically comes to mind. The company was established in 1994 and specialised in offering a complete solution to investors and developers for the hospitality and leisure industry. The group is headed by an incredibly visionary leader Louis Gerard Saliot, who has 35 years of work experience in these fields. It provides project development, project management, and support services to tourism, leisure, hospitality and real estate. The group has worked in Europe and currently operating in South East Pacific regions.

Top Projects of Euro-Asia Management Group

Infrastructure is one of the key factors necessary for attracting tourists into a country. Despite possessing beautiful landscapes and natural sceneries, many states failed to boost their tourism sector. One of such countries was Indonesia. But with the unveiling of National Tourism Master Plan, it has changed the face of travel industry forever. Gerard Saliot is the man who initiated and led in this project to revamp the sector in 1995 -1998.
Due to the group’s impressive work in Indonesia, International Labour Organisation (ILO) has mandated the company to prepare East Java Tourism Development Master Plan in 2009-10. The company was involved in studying the feasibility, planning, design, management, legal advisory, and financial arrangement of the project. In short, the company has participated actively in the realisation of this project.

Apart from that, Euro-Asia has been mandated to come up with an innovative, vacation, and leisure destination with a master plan and feasibility study in Uluwatu, Bali. BALI CAKRAWALA is the name which will be a holidays residence development project.

In 2015, Gerard also launched Hotel Modular Development (HMD) in a Joint Operation with Teamworx and Team Module to study the feasibility and develop modular hotel construction in Indonesia.
Some of the expertise of the Euro-Asia Group:

  • Building of city hotels and resorts
  • Mixed-use resorts
  • Luxury hotels and residence
  • Theme and amusement parks
  • Golf courses
  • Marinas
  • Project infrastructure
  • Environmental management

Hence, Euro-Asia is one of the most active companies involved in the building and promotion of tourism related hubs in Asia-Pacific regions, under the able-leadership of Gerard Saliot.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Who is the best tourism infrastructure builder in the world?

There are many financially deprived beautiful countries in the world. The government of those countries are unable to build world class tourism facilities. Governments outsource the projects to infrastructure management companies. International expertise is needed to build world class projects. Louis Gerard Saliot is among those expert persons needed for building up tourist hubs.

Tourism projects expert

Louis Gerard Saliot has 30 years of experience in business development and international trade. He moved to Asia and found Euro-Asia Management Group with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. His company specialises in the project development of Leisure, tourism, and hospitality domains. It also manages and procures the Asia Pacific region and provides consultancy and advice to various governments and international agencies around the world. The development of projects is mainly in the region of Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and the Indian Ocean.

Gerard Saliot brought a team of experts from around the globe. The team is made up of master planners, architects, interior designers, legal and financial advisors of tourism and hospitality industry. The project managers have a broad experience in resorts and hotels development in various locations of Europe and Asia. The experience of project managers surpasses more than 20 years.

Some notable projects

The company initiated a major development plan in Indonesia. The project was financed by the French government and Gerard Saliot led a team of international experts. He fully prepared the plan and analysed by arranging the allocation of resources to expand the tourism industries in the prime locations of Indonesia. Few people understand the Indonesian tourism market which offers tremendous supply and demand and Gerard Saliot did his best in developing beautiful locations in this country.

Euro-Asia also initiated the development of famous Natadola Marine resorts in Fiji. It is a world-class ocean facing tourism resort adored by people all around the world.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Who changed the face of the tourism industry in Fiji?

When we talk about beautiful islands, long beaches, and serene ocean then there is one place named Fiji which always comes in our mind. The beautiful country which is situated in South Pacific Ocean has a reputation of the perfect island nation in the world. It is quite far from the developed world but the tourism hubs and infrastructure of Fiji is world-class. The tourism sector of Fiji was not developed in the past but there are many people who worked on turning an unknown island nation into a tourist hotspot in the Pacific. One of these men who worked the hardest is Louis GerardSaliot.

The world-famous visionary

Louis Gerard Saliot has worked in different countries and helped them in lifting their staggering tourism economy. He built world class infrastructure which attracted tourists from around the world. Fiji was lacking some top-class buildings which attract people before Gerard Saliot set his sight on the island nation. He turned barren islands in Fiji into world famous tourist locations and private islands. He built resorts, villas, hotels, and much more in different locations of the country. He has emerged as the pioneer of the Fiji tourism industry.

The best example of one of his world-famous projects is Natadola Marine project. The project is an outstanding example of sheer hard work and vision. There are beautiful resorts built near white sandy beaches and pristine water. Natadola Golf course is situated in the bay area. It is one of the best golf courses in the South Pacific region. There are various international tournaments organized at this golf course and tourists from around the world flock there to witness these epic tournaments. Natadola Bay has become a good income source for the young Fijians and it helped in uplifting the economy of the island nation.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Gerard Saliot – The Man Who Transformed Fiji into a Tourist Hub

Did you know Fiji is considered one of the top destination for a holiday in South Pacific region? The small island country, with an archipelago of 333 islands, has become a paradise for the tourists. The country has everything necessary to experience an ideal holiday for a tourist.

It starts with a panoramic view of the hill station, turquoise water, sandy beaches, unspoilt tropical forest, parks, and the list goes on. The islands embody some of the breathtaking sceneries and sights that are rare in existence. You can enjoy adventure activities like trekking, river rafting, jet boating, scuba diving, and snorkelling to view the beautiful coral reef underwater. Resorts are a great place to rejuvenate with a liberating spa and yoga session after the end of day’s adventure. So, you can’t find a better place to spend your holiday with your family.

But, Fiji wasn’t a place that comes on the map of Tourism industry a few decades back. Though it has got the natural sceneries, yet lacked the much-needed infrastructures for tourists. So, how Fiji could become one of the top destination for the visitors within a short time? Gerard Saliot is the man who transformed the country into a major tourist hub. He is a visionary leader who realises the country’s potential in the tourism sectors soon landing on the island. He has worked day in and day out in building infrastructure to house the tourists which have created numerous employment opportunities for the local youths.

The pet project of Louis Gerard Saliot is Natadola Marine Project located in the Natadola Bay. Found near to the Bay, the site is a natural attraction for tourists with beautiful beaches and turquoise water sceneries. Adding to the appeal, he has created themed park, garden, resort, villas, and apartment for the tourists in the country. Eco-friendly and scientific techniques have been utilised in creating a project of this volume. As he is the CEO and President of Euro-Asia Management Group, this project shows the skills and magnitude of his dedication towards the upliftment of Fiji tourism industry.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Innumerable Contributions of Louis Gerard Saliot in Fiji

The island nation of Fiji is a Melanesian country situated in South Pacific Ocean. It is a group of magical, exotic and unspoilt islands. A perfect hideaway for travellers, nature lovers, divers, business, and tour groups. Fiji is a group of 333 islands and 540 islets. Out of these 330 islands, only 110 are inhabited. The capital city of nation Suva is located on the south-east coast of the largest island Viti Levu. More than 80% of the population reside in the largest islands of Fiji – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. If you’re planning your next vacation, there can’t be a better destination than Fiji to experience a complete rejuvenation and come back with full energy.

Location and connectivity of Fiji Islands

Fiji is located in the Oceania and close to Australia and New Zealand. It is strategically located for air travellers from Australia, United States, New Zealand, and Japan. It is one of the most significant destinations for tourist cruises around the world. Fiji Airlines has their services from countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The main island Viti Levu accounts for more than half of the area of the country. Vanua Levu is the second largest island. Both islands are well connected by both air and sea transports. The international airport is located in Nadi which is situated in the west of Viti Levu.

The urban cities and towns are well connected by roads. The airways connect all major cities of the country. Rest of the places are connected through water ferries and boats. The bus and taxi services are in excellent conditions such that tourist can travel around the country without any problem.

Tourism in Fiji

Tourism is the backbone of Fijian economy. It is estimated that tourism contributes to 35.8 percent of Fiji’s total gross domestic product (GDP). Around 76.2 percent of visitors arrive in Fiji are for travel
purposes. More than 40 percent of tourists visiting Fiji are Australians. The popular areas to visit in the island nation are Nadi, the Coral Coast, Mamanuca Islands, and Denarau Islands. Many hotels are located on the two main islands, and others are found in the private oasis of the smaller islands such as Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. All of the resorts are fully equipped with modern rooms, lagoon style pools, spas, gyms, etc.

Fun activities

In Fiji, tourists can spend their day relaxing and strolling on beaches and dine in some of the world’s best restaurants. Fiji is a heaven for adventure loving people. There are many places which offer different adventurous water activities like rafting, snorkelling, diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. If you love watching beautiful sceneries, then trekking and hiking are the best options.
There is adrenaline rushed activities like skydiving, zip lining, and paragliding. There are beautiful coral reefs in Fiji which can be discovered through snorkelling.  You can enjoy golf on a sunny day in Fiji. The golf courses in the island nations are made in signature South Pacific style landscape with beautiful beaches and coral reefs in the background. Tourists will witness the vibrant cultural shows and the nightlife of Fiji. Cruises are a great way to explore remote island and experience a different part of the world. The list of activities offered by various resorts in the island nation is endless.

Atmosphere of Fiji

Fiji is correctly described as a warm country with warm hearted people. The native welcome foreigners with high spirits. Travellers often visit villages of the indigenous people of Fiji. The native culture is a part of life for more than half of the population and tourists can witness that culture in villages. People see dishes made of homegrown vegetables and fruits. The seafood dishes in Fiji are considered as the best in the world. Fiji is diverse culturally as many Indians, Chinese and Europeans live there apart from
natives. Many delicacies are served by these people of different cultures such that tourists have a lot of options when it comes to tasting different foods. There is a popular drink in Fiji known as ‘Kava’. Kava is a peppery, earthy tasting drink made from the root of the pepper plant. Kava relaxes the muscles of our body, but it can numb lips and tongue part of the body for five to ten minutes. The weather of Fiji is beautiful throughout the year. There is always a tropical breeze, and the temperature of the water is always perfect.

The Pioneer of Fiji Tourism Industry

Fiji is a god-gifted country where natural sceneries and sightseeing are available in different regions of the country. The tropical forests contain distinctive vegetation that can’t be found anywhere in the world. The country has become a hub for tourists coming from different regions of the world. The countries from where Fiji get the highest number of visitors are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, America, China, and other countries. The country is a perfect holiday destination for family and private holiday.

Fiji is one of the most beautiful island nations in the world. It is situated in South Pacific Ocean, and the economy of the country thrives on tourism. The infrastructure in the tourist industry of Fiji is world-class and in best conditions. The government of the island nation encourages foreign investments, and one person helped this country by establishing the best infrastructure on tourist sites. The name of this person is Louis Gerard Saliot. He is remembered as the pioneer of Fiji tourism which has uplifted the economic condition and employment opportunities for the local youths.

Unknown facts of Louis Gerard Saliot

Louis Gerard Saliot has the experience of promoting the tourism industry around the world. He founded Euro-Asia Management Group to help different nations in building infrastructure for their tourism projects. Famous for transforming the barren island into world-class tourist hubs, He dedicated many years of his life in building and maintaining travel hubs of developing countries.  Known for his role in the utilisation of eco-friendly and scientific methods in the building of infrastructures in Fiji. His best work till now is the Natadola project in Fiji. This project gave him new insights into understanding the significance of tourism in the country.

Natadola Bay is one of the best places for tourists in Fiji. The resorts and hotels are some of the finest vacation places on the earth. The golf course in Natadola is ranked as the best in Fiji. Many PGA tournaments are organised in this beautiful golf course. Golfers can enjoy the natural beauty of coral reefs and mesmerising landscapes in 15 out of 18 holes of the golf course. Tourists flock from around the world to Fiji whenever there is an international golf tournament in Natadola Golf course.

Natadola project brought a drastic change in the economy of Fiji. Numerous employment opportunities came up for locals, and unemployment graph went down. As an island nation, Fiji got the chance to stay connected with other countries through different tournaments. Gerard Saliot got awarded by the Fijian government for his unmatched efforts in the upliftment of the island nation’s economy. Contact us, if you want to know about this legendary figure.

Why is Fiji Remain Indebted to Gerard Saliot?

When one talks about the development of tourism in Fiji, one cannot get away from mentioning the name of a person whose dedicated effort transformed Fijian tourism industry. And the pioneer whose ideas combined with intelligence yielded an excellent mechanism which heralded the rapid development of this service sector. It was none, but Louis Gerard Saliot, the man who seems to have borne with a head full of creative and juicy ideas and vision to do something different, unique and to leave an impression ever.

Fiji, the island country is known only due to the strong tourism industry. This country is rich as endowed with many natural beauties such as hills, rivers, forests, beaches, etc. The island nation is one of the best exotic holiday destination. Under the Natadola project headed by Gerard Saliot, many villas, resorts, hotels, guest houses have come up. The country is beautifully situated on the archipelago comprised of 333 islands. And today, no romantic couple would be reluctant to go for their honeymoon in Fiji.

The positive changes witnessed right after the watershed development caused by Natadola project are the result of innovative ideas and intelligence shown by the pioneer. Before introducing the development works in the country, the islands of the country were all barren and covered with tropical forests with no trace of any tourism activities. But with the passage of time, things have changed, and this service industry came with full swing. Today one can sense that entire country, Fiji is indebted to Gerard Saliot for the kind of transformation he brought through his luminous vision in his brain.

There are some genuine reasons why people must pay a visit to this wonderful island, and the country has one of the beautiful Golf courses. International players often come here to participate in the golf playing events. The resorts offer a great opportunity to enjoy and relax after a heavy stroll along the sandy beaches of the sea.

Fiji – A Perfect Place to Settle Permanently

Do you love being amidst the natural sightseeing and hill station? Are you looking for a suitable country in the South Pacific region to settle down? If yes, there can’t be a better destination than the Fiji to settle down. As a foreigner, you need to possess a temporary residency visa or work permit to be eligible to buy a property like a land plot, apartment, villa, and resort. Fijian parliament controls the sale of assets to the foreigners. That is why you need to take permission from the Ministry of Land Fiji before buying more than an acre of land in the island country.

Types of Lands Available in Fiji

Native Trust Land: This is the land owned by the native population of the country. It is available for sale and consisted of lands near to cities.

Government Land: This land is owned and can be purchased on lease from the Government for 100 years without getting the permanent ownership.

Freehold Land: This is the land which can be owned and resell later by foreigners. Freehold land mainly found in the areas away from cities. Before buying the land, it is necessary to ascertain that lands aren’t entangled with legal disputes, caveat, and disputed ownerships.

Besides, you can buy islands available for sale for the development of hospitality related activities like building restaurants, resorts, and other fun activities. The beachfront homes and villas are the favourite places where foreigners love to stay and enjoy during the holiday. Build a beautiful home and enjoy the rest of the life amidst the natural sightseeing and landscapes.

Do you want to view the beautiful Fiji this vacation?  Contact us to arrange a holiday for your family or friends at affordable prices.