Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top Projects and Services of Louis Gerard Saliot for Tourism Industry

Development of a tourism hub needs a good amount of investment for the firms. A dream tourism hub good infrastructures, connectivity, and establishment for providing foods, shopping, drinks, and leisure activities within walking distance. Resort is an isolated place consisting of modern amenities necessary for an ideal holiday experience.

A tourism hub can attract visitors when it has modern amenities with special facilities for leisure, adventure and other activities. Sensing this importance, Louis Gerard Saliot has founded a company – Euro Asia Management Company in 1991. The company is offering several services to realise the dream projects of real estate firms.

Here are the top projects in which Saliot and Euro Asia have worked to deliver within the deadlines of the client:

  • The Megati Resort Project
  • Cakrawala Residence Project in Bali, Indonesia
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort in West Papua
  • The City Hotel Resort
  • And others

The team of Euro Asia worked dedicatedly in the realisation of these projects within the deadline. The top services offered by the company for development and management of tourism projects are:

  • Audit and consulting for development of tourism project
  • Building of National Tourism Master Plan for countries
  • Merger and acquisition of tourism projects
  • Legal advice and services to owners
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with owners
  • Financial assessment and arrangement from the banks
  • And others

Hospitality and ancillary services are an essential part of the tourism industry. Luxury hotels and restaurants are essential to provide the services to the tourists visiting the area. Gerard Saliot has established Euro Asia Hotel Contract and Hotel Modular Development ventures to deliver hospitality services. Both the ventures work under the supervision of Saliot for the rapid designing and construction of luxury hotel rooms and suite for tourists.

Saliot has contributed to the development of tourism industry in innumerable ways. His roles and works will be remembered by the countries in the South Pacific region.

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