Friday, 8 December 2017

How Louis Gerard Saliot Helps in Building Tourism Projects?

Building an ideal resort needs a good amount of investment and time for the firms. Creating a dream place for the tourists with modern facilities and establishments for food, rejuvenation, fun activities, sports complexes, shopping, and the hotel is not easy.

Further, you need to find a suitable isolated place with panoramic view and beauty. Research and analysing of the market are necessary before building taking such an expensive project. More than that, there should be good engineers who can turn your dream project into reality.

What if you can find all the services in a place?

Yes, this is what the EuoAsia Management Company is offering to the real estate firms in the South Pacific region. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of this company in the year 1991. The firm offer specialised services for the development and management of tourism projects and hospitality industry. Saliot and his team of skilled professionals are helping to realise the dream project of clients at reduced prices.

Here are the top services that Euro Asia is offering to the clients:

  • Help in the creation of National Tourism Master Plan
  • Building of architectural design and planning in consultation with clients
  • Merger and acquisition of tourism projects
  • Market study and feasibility of the project
  • Financial assumption and arrangement from the banks
  • Legal service in the realisation of the project
  • Land borrowing and negotiation with the owner
  • And others

Apart from that, Gerard Saliot has established EuroAsia Hotel Contract and Hotel Modular Development venture for the rapid construction of hotels and restaurants in the region. The companies are meeting the need of firms providing quality furnishing in the construction. It includes designing of hotel and restaurants room with modern amenities for providing a wonderful stay to the tourists.

The companies are offering furnishing items like furniture, case woods, bed, and other decorative accessories for the room. The products are of smooth finishing to deliver quality work at reduced prices. Use of modern equipment and a team of experts help Saliot in completing the projects within the deadline and satisfy the clients.

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