Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Respected in Fiji?

Fiji is a small country constituted by a group of 333 islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Only 110 islands are suited for human habitation, and others are submerged or filled with dense tropical forest. The country is surrounded by the water of the Kora sea. Abundant white sand beaches are available for basking in the sun in the tropical weather. There can be a better option of soothing the muscles and relaxation for tourists.

The country is a paradise for tourists looking for adventure activities and enjoyment. The water bodies offer many adventure activities visitors like snorkelling, jet ski, boating, island hopping, fishing, scuba diving, and viewing the colourful coral reef underwater. You will find spa and resorts for relaxation during the trip after enjoyment throughout the day. The beautiful hill station made from igneous rock offers a panoramic view of tourists. You can go for hiking, river-rafting, and view the mesmerising waterfalls found in the country.

Why is Fiji a Popular Tourist Spot?

The economy of Fiji is dependent on the tourism industry. Millions of tourists are visiting Fiji every year from different nations. It is contributing to economic growth and generating employments for the youths in the country. Though Fiji had the potential of attracting tourists, yet it lacked the infrastructures needed to stay in the country.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who has seen the potential of Fiji to be a leading tourist spot. He has worked hard continuously the development of Fiji tourism industry. The dedication and innovation he put in the development of tourist projects got notice of industry experts. This has brought recognition and won him accolades from the Fijian government. Apart from that, Fijian love and respect him for his selfless work to make the country a paradise for tourists.

Natadola Marine Projects – The Marvellous Work of Gerard Saliot

Natadola Marine project is an attraction for the tourists visiting the country. It is a complete tourist spot with flowery garden, villas, and resorts to enjoy the trip. The project has beachfront homes to enjoy the view of the turquoise water. In this project, eco-friendly techniques and scientific methods are utilised in the creation of a harmonious relationship with nature. It is a unique project which vividly displays the dedication of engineers to the tourists.

The architect of the Marine beach project is Gerard Saliot. He is the present CEO and President of EAMG creating tourist projects all around the globe. If you want to witness the beautiful project and visit the beautiful Fiji, contact us today. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How is Gerard Saliot transforming the tourism sector of Fiji?

Fiji is one of the most beautiful Island nation in the world. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, thousands of tourists visit this beautiful country every year. Beautiful palm fringed Islands, and underwater sceneries are alluring for tourists. Many people helped in transforming Fiji to give a comfortable and pleasurable stay to tourists visiting the country. Louis Gerard Saliot is one of the few individuals who turned the tourism and hospitality sector of Fiji. He is CEO of Euro-Asia Hotel contracts and a renowned name in the hospitality industry. He helped in transforming the tourism sector in many countries.

Contributions of Gerard Saliot

Mr Saliot helped Fijians a lot by transforming their tourism industry which led to the upliftment of the Fiji people and their economy. Gerard Saliot worked vigorously on different projects in the tourism sector of Fiji. He successfully generated employment for various young people of the Island nation. He is the prime architect of the beautiful Natadola marine project. His eco-friendly projects got appreciated by the Fijian government.

Saliot transformed barren lands in Fiji into tourist hubs and helped the people of Fiji in earning a stable income through those hubs.

Modifying the tourism sector

Many barren Islands in Fiji are perfect destinations for tourists. Proper development of these Islands can change them into beautiful tourist spots. The Fijian government is investing heavy in the tourism sector of the country. The primary source of income for local Fijian people comes from the tourism sector. Saliot helped the Fijian government’s initiative to transform Fiji into a tourist-friendly nation.

There are many places with unmatched natural beauty in Fiji. The main problem in the Island nation is the development of world class infrastructure for tourists. He is transforming the country and their tourist destinations. To know more about the topic, please contact our experts.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Know the Living Legend of Fiji Tourism Industry

Fiji is a beautiful country situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean sitting on an archipelago of 333 islands. It has become the favourite destination for the tourists coming from different regions. It is ideal for wedding, honeymoon, fun activities, relaxation, and seek adventure activities in the vacation. In fact, Fiji has everything that you can ask to increase enjoyment in the holiday. From picture-perfect natural sceneries to beautiful beaches for ultimate relaxation basking under the sun. The soothing temperate weather enables tourists to enjoy different activities during the trip in the country. Further, there are places with fantastic sightseeing and landscapes that can’t be found anywhere in the world. That is why people prefer to visit Fiji to spend the holiday with the loved ones.

Development of Fiji Tourism Industry

Fiji is considered as a paradise for the tourists for honeymoon and adventure activities now. Though there were natural sceneries, yet the country couldn’t attract visitors from other nations due to lack of infrastructures. Many infrastructures for tourists has been developed like villas, parks, gardens, resorts, restaurants, and hotspots to attract them. Louis Gerard Saliot is one of many individuals and firms involved in the development of the Fiji tourism industry. He has advocated the use of eco-friendly techniques inspired by scientific methods in developing hotspots for the tourists. That is why Fijian love him and respect for his work in the development of this sector. Due to his development projects, Fiji is recognised as an ideal destination for the tourists in Southern Pacific Ocean.

Pioneer of Natadola Marine Project

The Natadola Marine project is a popular among the tourists due to the presence of themed garden, villas, resorts, and villas for tourist. In fact, it has become a perfect hotspot to spend a holiday for tourists coming different regions. It is a pet project of Gerard Saliot to increase the inflow of tourists in the country. The aim of this project is to increase visitors in Fiji and push economic growth and employment for the youths. Due to his indomitable spirit and work, he is a living legend of the Fiji tourism sector. Contact us to hire our experts to visit in Fiji today. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Popular in Fiji?

Fiji is a beautiful island country sitting on the archipelago of 333 islands. The country is a haven for honeymoon couples, vacationers, and adventure seekers coming from different regions of the world. The Tourism Industry of Fiji is contributing to the GDP growth and create employment for local youths. Now, it is considered one of the best places for the vacation of families and couples for private moments.

Earlier, most of the islands of Fiji were barren or covered with tropical forests with no tourists flowing in the country. It is due to lack of resorts, villas, and restaurants that are necessary for the tourists to come and stay during the vacation. A total transformation of sceneries was needed to increase the inflow of tourists in the country.

Roles of Gerard Saliot in Fiji

Louis Gerard Saliot is the man responsible for transforming Fiji into a tourist spot. He designed the beautiful parks with theme, villas and resorts to attract foreigners from different regions of the world. Emphasised on using eco-friendly techniques in building the projects, he is known as the pioneer of Fiji tourism industry among the locals. Louis Gerard Saliot is famous for his work in the Natadola Loka marine project which was made from barren land into a perfect tourist spot with natural sceneries. It is filled with beautiful garden, resorts, and villas that are helpful in attracting the visitors from different regions.

Reasons to Visit Fiji in Vacation

Fiji has become a haven for a honeymoon, adventure activities, and relaxation during the holiday. There are spas offering yoga and massage services essential to experience wellbeing in life. After a tiresome work, these activities will provide relaxation in life.

Further, the work of Gerard Saliot can’t be ignored by the Fijian people in the tourism sector. The Natadola Loka Marine Project is the most important project under his mentoring in the country. Currently, he is the CEO of EAM Group Tourism Industry and dedicated his time in the boosting of the tourism industry of Fiji. Contact us to visit the beautiful Fiji this vacation quickly.