Friday, 22 December 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – A Prominent Figure in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The success of the tourism industry depends upon the quality of resorts and infrastructure available in the place. Resorts, villas, shopping malls, sports complex, spas, and others are essential parts of a resort now. These foundations are an integral part of a tourist place or holiday destination. Visitors prefer to spend their vacations where such modern facilities are available for relaxation, fun, and thrilling activities for all age groups.

Building world-class tourism hubs or leisure destination is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Expertise in designing of tourism master plan, architectural design, and ancillary services are essential in building those projects.

Euro Asia is one of the most popular companies providing project development and management services to the customers in the tourism industry and leisure destination. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of this company, established in 1991 collaborating with two partners and offices in Singapore and Indonesia. The company is offering specialised service with the help of a skilled team of professionals in the industry.

Fiji, East Java, Indonesia, and Singapore are the top countries in which the company has worked with local firms to develop tourism hubs and leisure destination. The company has offered a variety of services like designing of Tourism Master Plan, architectural design, auditing, consulting, and other services necessary for rapid construction of tourism hubs, hotels and restaurants.

Apart from Euro Asia, Gerard Saliot founded two sister companies, namely Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Contract, for the. These two groups are helping in the rapid construction of projects and making the procurement of necessary accessories like furniture, cases, and other equipment from neighbouring areas.

It won’t be wrong to say that Gerard Saliot has played a significant role in development and designing of these projects, being the initiator and supervisor of the firm. It is unlikely that people will forget his works and contributions in the tourism industry soon.

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