Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top Contributions of Louis Gerard Saliot for Tourism Industry

Good infrastructure is an essential factor in attracting tourists to any country or place. It is because a resort is defined as an isolated place where there is numerous establishment for enjoyment, food, drinks, and shopping.

Building a world-class tourism, there must be modern facilities that change the way of spending a holiday for visitors. Scenic beauty is an added advantage, but special infrastructure brings up the enjoyment of tourists. Thus, building a tourism hub needs experience and skills in this sector.

Gerard Saliot is a popular figure providing specialised services in the project development and management in the industry. He realised the potential of building tourist hubs in the South East Pacific region. That’s why he established Euro Asia Management Group in 1991, solely for the development of tourism projects in these countries – Indonesia, Fiji, East Java, and other regions.

EuroAsia has a team of skilled professionals necessary for the building and management of tourism projects. Resorts, villas, spa, kid clubs, sports complex, shopping malls, and other recreational activities are essential in creating an ideal holiday destination. The EuroAsia could succeed in providing these services due to the presence of experienced professionals in this field.

Here are the top contributions of EuroAsia for the tourism industry:

  • Market study and feasibility
  • Merger and acquisition of real estate projects
  • Financial assumption and arrangement from banks
  • Land negotiation and borrowing
  • Legal advice
  • Master planning and architectural design of projects
  • Implementation of projects for clients

The company has successfully developed many projects in different countries. Some of them are:

  • Raja Ampat
  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • The Megati Resort
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • City Hotel Project
  • Cakrawala Residence, and others

Louis Gerard Saliot has utilised his experience and expertise in building every project. The architectural designs were perfectly implemented to build by the expectation of the clients.

Hotel and restaurants are essential in providing hospitality services to the tourists visiting the place. The Hotel Modular Development is an important venture to construct hotels and restaurants at reduced costs for the customers in the region.

Owing to his commendable work and contributions to the tourism industry, many countries provided him accolades with numerous awards and projects.

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