Friday, 20 October 2017

The significance of Natadola project led by Gerard Saliot

Having emerged as the pioneer in many leisure and hospitality industry, the contribution offered by Louis Gerard Saliot seems inevitable. The global tourism industry usually receives boosting push by specific industry expanding projects. Talking about his recent project that has changed the scenario of the entire tourism industry in Fiji, it is the Natadola project that has been great. The project under the able leadership flourished and got completed successfully.

Several hotels, resorts with beautifully furnished surfaced giving the best exciting experience to international travellers. The best thing that got out of the project has the job opportunities that local Fijian people obtained. Fiji is an island country with plenty of scenic attractions, and for the full flourish of tourism in the country, a push was required.

So, that was the push offered by Natadola project. Louis Gerard Saliot is the founder of EuroAsia management group. He has been guiding and taking the firm from strength to strength. He is currently engaged with his company as CEO and President too. His EuroAsia has been offering diverse services of leisure and hospitality industry comprised of development services such as the building of amusement park, sustainable resort concepts, retreat resort, golf course, holiday residential estate, conference and meetings facilities, etc.

Global businesspersons can seek great ideas from him because he offers suite services landowners and investors in the areas of development, planning and operation of hospitality and tourism-related projects. Besides, they can also seek advisory services, feasibility analysis services and even offers project financing arrangement service for them.

After coming into the market, the EuroAsia has been carrying out a pleasant task in transforming some of the dream projects into realities. The way Gerard takes up the projects and completes them successfully, it appears that he has been the man on the mission. There are many other qualities one may find inspiring from him. The way he has been instrumentally leading the EuroAsia speaks volume about his in-depth skills and knowledge about handling the international project.

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