Friday, 12 January 2018

How Louis Gerard Saliot Helps to Develop Luxury Tourism Projects in Asia Pacific?

Developing a world-class hub for tourists is not easy. Required expertise and experience in building projects that would be loved by people of all age groups. Standing out to the demand of clients while maintaining quality and prices is an impressive feat that Euro Asia Group does in every project.

Staying at the helm of Euro Asia Management Group, Louis Gerard Saliot supervises and consider every detail of the project in consultation with the clients. Starting from conceptualisation, designing of the master plan, architectural implementation, and fabrication of the project – he dedicates heart and soul to achieve an international standard hub as described by clients.

Further, Euro Asia has a team of expert professionals to carry out every aspect of the project with perfection. It is one of the few reasons why the company has been successful in building world-class tourism in Asia Pacific region. After the development of tourism hubs, the company has been offering management services to maintain their standards and shines intact.

The area is known for having nature best sceneries like a waterfall, islet, islands, tropical forests, and others. However, the countries remain inaccessible to world’s tourists due to lack of infrastructures like resorts, road, and others. Euro Asia is one of the top companies promoting the tourism industry of different countries – Fiji, Jakarta, Singapore, Java, and others.

Nobody loves to stay in a resort that doesn’t attract or offer a luxury setting for a perfect holiday. The resort must contain establishments for foods, lodging, shopping malls, spas, kid clubs, sports complexes, marinas, and other facilities. These are prime factors attracting tourists to spend a holiday and get a unique experience.

Enabling rapid procurement of necessary accessories for projects is Euro Asia Hotel Contract, a sister project of Euro Asia. The company has been instrumental in acquiring international standard products from the neighbouring areas.

Hospitality services are an essential part of the hotel and restaurants operating in an area. Realising this importance, Gerard Saliot has founded Hotel Modular Development company to design and install resorts within a short time.

Owing to these contributions, Saliot has got accolades from the government of different countries. His vision and urge to get the highest quality tourism projects won’t be forgotten quickly.

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