Monday, 15 January 2018

How Louis Gerard Saliot Contributes to Develop Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace around the world. It enhances economic development and creates employment for youths. Thus, the tourism industry is one of the most popular forms of earning foreign exchanges to push-up the economic growth of a country. To win the hearts of tourists, excellent resorts are needed with world-class facilities besides possessing a natural panoramic view.

Asia Pacific region is one of the most critical regions of the tourism industry. The area has abundant natural and artificial tourism hubs for spending holidays fantastically. Earlier, the part wasn’t much accessible with no resorts and infrastructures for connectivity. Despite being blessed with exotic natural islands, islet, unspoilt water resources, water fall, and others, the region wasn’t getting much appreciation and tourists from different regions.

Realising the potential of the tourism industry, Louis Gerard Saliot has started master planning and building of resorts in the region. He founded the Euro Asia Management Group after moving from Europe in 1994, with his two partners having offices at Singapore and Indonesia. The company has been offering business development and project development and management services to the clients in the area.

Till now, Euro Asia has been successful in building many projects and others are in the pipeline. With the completion of every project, the team expanded with induction of new members to offer specialised services. Today, the company can offer conceptualisation to implementation of architectural designs with international standard and quality as required by clients within the deadline.

With Gerard Saliot at helm, the company is expanding its networks and works creating two sister companies – Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract. These two companies enable construction of hotels and restaurants in the resorts. Every holiday destination needs hospitality services to entertaining facilities for visitors. 
The companies offer crucial services for immediate construction of projects related to hospitality industry.

The contributions of Saliot are many for development of tourism industries in Asia Pacific region. His visionary leadership and capabilities in envisioning luxuries projects is unquestionable.

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