Monday, 8 January 2018

How has Fiji become a Tourist Hotspot in Asia Pacific Region?

Fiji is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago of 333 islands with only 110 of them inhabited. In spite of the huge repository of natural beauty that this country has possessed right from the beginning, the potential for tourism was not recognised and appreciated until very late. Most of the islands were desolate and barren for decades. Also, the poverty and listlessness of the leaders there rendered the place into a forgotten, run-down mess.

Some visionaries realised the immense potential for tourism that this place had. They had their imagination and resolved to transform the unrefined landscapes into paradisiacal dreamland. They understood that all this place needed was a push of some brilliant infrastructure befitting the enormous promise that this land had.

Thus, the transformation began, amidst risks of failure. The result was anything but a failure. Fiji became an exciting new entrant in the mainstream tourism industry, and its rise over the years was astonishing. Swiftly but surely Fiji became one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, and it continues to be one today.

The place gained fame for its greenery, mountains, beaches, boating, fishing, scuba diving adventures. It quickly became the destination of families and couples looking for peace, adventure and safety.

Tourism in Fiji today has a significant share in the country’s GDP. It remains the major employment source for Fiji.
Not many believed in Fijian tourism in its nascent stage. A man named Louis Gerard Saliot did.  He had the creativity and resolve which almost single-handedly transformed Fijian tourism.

He founded his company- EuroAsia Management Group in 1994. The group which specialises in tourism infrastructures like hotels, resorts and theme parks, from conceptualisation to implementation and auditing.

Gerard Saliot has worked tirelessly to transform Fiji tourism and the projects under his belt bear testimony to that.

The flagship project, the shining star of the EuroAsia Group, is the Natadola Marines Project which is regarded as Fiji’s premier integrated resort complex. Located on the beautiful Natadola beach, surrounded by reefs and azure waters, the resort has it all, from adventure sports to lavish suites to world-class dining, and a golf course, yes!
Just imagine, like Gerard Saliot did. Fiji awaits your presence. 

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