Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Louis Gerard and his Fiji Project

Louis Gerard is well known for his great work in the field of tourism. He is a man known for his selfless attitude. He never looted the resources of the Fiji Island in the name of his project rather made a good use with the available resources for the people of Fiji for their well being.

He is a man of vision and imaginary. And had a great thought about how to make others happy by doing his work which is under his capability. This is the reason why the idea of Natadola marine project got conceived in his mind and was executed successfully. This gave a big boost to the growth of the economy of the Fiji.
Presently, Louis Gerard Saliot is the CEO of two tourism organizations that have marked a great tourism initiative which known across the world. He has envisioned the culture of the Fijian as a whole new aspect which would be strength to attract a lot of tourist in Fiji. Saliot has incorporated his very best in the tourism field and has brought success in whatever project he undertook. Fijian has a lot to thank Louis Gerard for his marvelous and wonderful work being executed by him. Louis Gerard has not only redefined the face of the island but also created a lot of job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled.

The tourism industry considers him as a great mentor. He is a person who has created something different with his every move and decision he undertook in his life for the well being of the people. On his journey he has witness both good and bad times yet his undying passion towards work is an exception that people usually take inspiration from him . He is a man from whom people have gained so much of inspiration for their life.

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