Sunday, 9 September 2012

Is Fiji an exotic getaway for Vacationers?

One more addition to the book having the mention of certain top destinations for tourism in the world and the newly entrant one is none other than the scintillating destination of Fiji. When one talks about the tourism in Fiji, the talk or discussion can never be ended without recalling the great personality in the form of Louis Gerard Saliot. It is due to his selfless contribution that Fiji, the country with undeveloped natural surroundings, could evolve into world class destination for global tourists. 

Whatever tourism development one can enjoy today, the entire credit usually goes to him who had brought huge tourism revolution in this wonderful Island nation. Fiji, the newly turned paradise for travelers, is beautifully situated at the Southern part of Pacific region. Geographically the Island nation has been endowed with three hundred and twenty two islands followed by numerous islets that are also contributing today in the overall development and running of tourism in the country.

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