Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fiji - Definitely a heaven on earth!

Fiji, the island of paradise, is one of the most exotic places to spend your day out. Fiji comprises not only one Island but a cluster of more than 300 beautiful islands which is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. The sole primary industry which supports the economy of Fiji is tourism. In addition to being a fabulous destination for adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, mountain biking and boating. Fiji is also renowned as a romantic place for couples and families.

Resorts are decorated so beautifully. Many of the resorts offer all-inclusive packages for affordable to private and luxury. Those resorts normally provide service like extravagant wedding ceremonies and it also gives accommodation for honeymooners. Yasawa island Resort & spa, Namale resorts & spa, Turtle Island, likuliku lagoon resorts are some of the famous resorts to name a few. People really have a hearty time spending there.

Those lovers of nature can enjoy watching birds in several national parks and wildlife preserves in Fiji. So many of the colorful species of parrots can be observed, as well as varieties hawk, falcon, a rare dove and a flying fox fruit bat. During the twilight, Fiji comes alive with exciting nightclubs, bars and pubs. Lovers choose to have the quiet and romantic candlestick dinner at their own resort. The Fijians are so welcoming and very hospitable in nature. Their cultural dance and performance are really amazing and one visiting Fiji should not miss this beautiful program arranged by the native called Fiji Night which is organized by most of the resorts. 

Besides the eye- catching streets, the shops and markets are colorfully decorated. It also has an ample of restaurants and many standardized five star hotels. And the food and dishes are prepared without any lack of taste; you can have anything and it’s easily affordable. However, foods prepared are enjoyed by the tourists visiting from different parts of the world. The food which basically found are fish, chips, and it`s accompanied by many other varieties ranging from Chinese, Indian and Fiji style particularly pork, lamb and fish. For vegetarian they also can choose which are prepared with vegetables and fruits.  

Fiji is best tourist place to relax from daily chores. It has a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Fijians do things very traditionally which is awesome to feel and experience. Fiji is easily reachable with availability of different modes of transports such as air and waterways. Every year thousands and thousands of people flock to this magnificent place to enjoy the wonderful creation of God.

When we talk about the development of Fiji Tourism and the betterment of the associated lives, the name of Louis Gerard Saliot comes to the fore. He is the genius icon who had done a lot for the industry. Right from the Natadola project, Gerard Saliot has done a lot for the fijian travel industry. 

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