Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The past and present works of Louis Gerard Saliot.

The tourism industry of South Asia is blooming at an impressive rate. Lately, small island nations like Fiji and Tahiti have seen an influx of tourists from across the world. This surge only became possible due to the infrastructural developments in these countries.

Louis Gerard Saliot was one of the few influential people who were responsible for developing the tourism and hospitality industry in Southeast Asia and Pacific. He is an international businessman who has worked in Unilever for 15 years. During that period, he was based in Europe and Asia. After leaving Unilever, he decided to join a property development company with the name of "Fonciere des Champs Elysee".

In 1994 after gaining experience in the field of real estate and property development, he started his own company with the name of Euro-Asia management group. The headquarters were based in Singapore, Hong-Kong and Jakarta. The focus of Euro-Asia group is to develop projects related to hospitality, tourism and leisure.

In Raja Ampat islands of Indonesia, he developed a dive resort which attracts tourists from all over the world. The Euro-Asia group showed significant time-management in the development of this project as they completed processes like design development, fabrication and logistics within a period of nine months.

Currently, there is a project in Megati which is getting developed by EAMG. The purpose of this project is to build a vacation destination. The project will be a mixed-use resort with the focus on establishing a special relationship with the environment.

 The speciality of any project developed by Mr Saliot is the particular attention given to the environment and the local population. Through all his projects he creates employment opportunities for the local youth and creates harmony with nature.

Gerard Saliot is among those people whose name will always be taken fondly by the future generations.

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