Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The master planner of South Asian tourism- Louis Gerard Saliot

A pioneer in the tourism industry of South Asia, A man who made countries like Fiji and Tahiti attractive tourist destinations with the help of his leadership skills and vision. His name is Louis Gerard Saliot.

After working at Unilever for 15 years, he joined the real-estate industry and had a vast experience of working in it. In 1994, he started his own company with the name of Euro-Asia Management Group to develop the underdeveloped and undervalued tourism centres in Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle-east.

Euro-Asia Management Group has its offices in strategically important cities of Asia like Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta. EAMG specialises in the development of tourism, leisure, hospitality projects and residential tourism projects. The team consists of expert architects, master planners, interior designers, project managers and legal experts.

Gerard Saliot developed a dive resort in the remote Raja Ampat islands. It is a world class resort which attracts tourists from across the globe. The time taken to create the resort was nine months, and all the processes like design development, fabrication, logistics, transport to the site and installation got completed during this period.

In 1995, Mr Saliot worked as the project initiator and director of National tourism development master plan in Indonesia between the years 1996-1998. This was a joint project between the French and Indonesian government. In 2009-10, Euro-Asia group was assigned the task of preparing East Java Tourism Development Master Plan.

A project in Megati which is located in West of Bali is currently getting developed. It will be a vacation destination which will promote harmony with the nature. The project will be a mixed-use resort, in its design and operation. After completion, this project will be given the name The Bali Megati Nature Destination Resort.

Mr Saliot has always developed projects in a way which ensures new job opportunities for local youth. The infrastructure got designed in a way which ensures no harm to the environment.

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