Monday, 3 April 2017

Who made the beautiful Natadola Golf course in Fiji?

Despite being a beautiful island nation, tourist inflow in Fiji was low in the past due to insufficient infrastructure. Understanding the geographical challenges in building a better infrastructure was a tough task for any architect. Louis Gerard Saliot and his company, Euro-Asia Management group, took the challenge of turning Fiji into a destination with world-class infrastructure. One example of best in class tourist destination made by him is Natadola Marine Bay tourist hub. Turning barren islands into a beautiful tourist destination are his speciality. After building proper infrastructure in numerous countries, Saliot sets his eyes on the beautiful land of Fiji.

Natadola Bay Golf course

Today, Natadola Bay is a tourist hotspot in Fiji. Natadola Bay Golf course organises international golf tournaments in the island nation. The golf course is blended with world class golf architecture from dramatic landscapes to serene beachfront. 15 out of 18 holes on the golf course have a scenery of coral reefs and the Pacific Ocean. The paspalum grass provides championship level conditions on the golf course all year around. The golf course is styled in traditional South Pacific architecture and gives breathtaking views of the major beautiful landscapes and colourful coral reefs. Keeping concentration on the game while playing is a big challenge on Natadola Golf course. The golf course organises international PGA tours and other big championships.

The inauguration of PGA Tours brought tourists from far-flung places. The project by Gerard Saliot is a big boost for Fiji tourism industry. Apart from the golf course, there are beautiful beachfront resorts and villas in Natadola Bay to give a mesmerising experience to tourists. Louis Gerard Saliot got awarded by the Fiji government for his efforts and contribution towards the development of a world-class tourist destination. The Natadola marine project provides job to young Fijians and boosts the economy of the island nation. Contact us if you want to know more about Gerard Saliot and his beautiful projects around the world.

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