Monday, 10 April 2017

How Gerard Saliot helped the Fiji travel industry?

Numerous people in the world are working for the betterment of the tourism sector, and Louis Gerard Saliot is one of them. He is famous for turning barren lands into world famous tourist spots. With a career spanning 35 years, he is one of the most experienced people in the travel and tourism sector. 

He is the CEO and founder of Euro-Asia Management group. Euro-Asia Management group deals in properties, business development and made some remarkable tourist hubs in the Asia-Pacific region. Among his work, Fiji is an important place where he has worked for the development of tourism hubs.

Saliot’s work in Fiji

The work he has done to uplift the Fijian travel industry is remarkable. Saliot built beautiful resorts on pristine beaches and environmental friendly tourist destinations. Tourism is the main part of Fijian economy, and Louis Gerard Saliot understood the need for a better infrastructure in the tourism sector. He built numerous hotels, motels, resorts, golf courses, etc. to elevate the infrastructure of the country. Natadola marine Bay project is one of such examples. The golf course situated in Natadola Bay organises international golf tournaments, and it is one of the top golf courses in the Pacific region.

The Fiji government honoured Gerard Saliot with an award for all his contributions towards the development of the travel industry. The employment generated by the projects completed by Saliot gave ample opportunities to the local Fijians. Gerard Saliot is popular among the native Fijians. 

People around the world love Fiji for its beautiful coral reefs, beaches, mountains, and rainforests but the lack of proper infrastructure was always the downside for the country. Today, the country is one of the most developed nations in The South Pacific area. To know more about Gerard Saliot and his projects across Fiji and other countries, please contact us.

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