Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The past and present works of Louis Gerard Saliot.

The tourism industry of South Asia is blooming at an impressive rate. Lately, small island nations like Fiji and Tahiti have seen an influx of tourists from across the world. This surge only became possible due to the infrastructural developments in these countries.

Louis Gerard Saliot was one of the few influential people who were responsible for developing the tourism and hospitality industry in Southeast Asia and Pacific. He is an international businessman who has worked in Unilever for 15 years. During that period, he was based in Europe and Asia. After leaving Unilever, he decided to join a property development company with the name of "Fonciere des Champs Elysee".

In 1994 after gaining experience in the field of real estate and property development, he started his own company with the name of Euro-Asia management group. The headquarters were based in Singapore, Hong-Kong and Jakarta. The focus of Euro-Asia group is to develop projects related to hospitality, tourism and leisure.

In Raja Ampat islands of Indonesia, he developed a dive resort which attracts tourists from all over the world. The Euro-Asia group showed significant time-management in the development of this project as they completed processes like design development, fabrication and logistics within a period of nine months.

Currently, there is a project in Megati which is getting developed by EAMG. The purpose of this project is to build a vacation destination. The project will be a mixed-use resort with the focus on establishing a special relationship with the environment.

 The speciality of any project developed by Mr Saliot is the particular attention given to the environment and the local population. Through all his projects he creates employment opportunities for the local youth and creates harmony with nature.

Gerard Saliot is among those people whose name will always be taken fondly by the future generations.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The master planner of South Asian tourism- Louis Gerard Saliot

A pioneer in the tourism industry of South Asia, A man who made countries like Fiji and Tahiti attractive tourist destinations with the help of his leadership skills and vision. His name is Louis Gerard Saliot.

After working at Unilever for 15 years, he joined the real-estate industry and had a vast experience of working in it. In 1994, he started his own company with the name of Euro-Asia Management Group to develop the underdeveloped and undervalued tourism centres in Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle-east.

Euro-Asia Management Group has its offices in strategically important cities of Asia like Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta. EAMG specialises in the development of tourism, leisure, hospitality projects and residential tourism projects. The team consists of expert architects, master planners, interior designers, project managers and legal experts.

Gerard Saliot developed a dive resort in the remote Raja Ampat islands. It is a world class resort which attracts tourists from across the globe. The time taken to create the resort was nine months, and all the processes like design development, fabrication, logistics, transport to the site and installation got completed during this period.

In 1995, Mr Saliot worked as the project initiator and director of National tourism development master plan in Indonesia between the years 1996-1998. This was a joint project between the French and Indonesian government. In 2009-10, Euro-Asia group was assigned the task of preparing East Java Tourism Development Master Plan.

A project in Megati which is located in West of Bali is currently getting developed. It will be a vacation destination which will promote harmony with the nature. The project will be a mixed-use resort, in its design and operation. After completion, this project will be given the name The Bali Megati Nature Destination Resort.

Mr Saliot has always developed projects in a way which ensures new job opportunities for local youth. The infrastructure got designed in a way which ensures no harm to the environment.

Monday, 12 February 2018

The exceptional work of Louis Gerard Saliot in South Asia

Throughout history, there have been significant personalities who have inspired millions through their actions. One such name who is known for his determination, vision and hard work is that of Louis Gerard Saliot.

Mr Saliot used to work in Unilever for 15 years, and it was after that when he decided to start his venture. In 1994, he founded the Euro-Asia Management group which is a company offering specialised services in tourism and hospitality.

Gerard Saliot has worked in the real estate industry, and he knew the importance of developing infrastructure to attract tourist from around the world. One of his projects included the development of hotel, leisure and sports complex in Jakarta. The plan consists of the development of a luxury hotel with 500-600 rooms, sports facilities, restaurants and entertainment arena.

Another project of his which was based in CakraWala of Bali is an ownership and fractional residence project. It’s a middle-up scale vacation and leisure destination, a wellness and spa centre and kids club. This project also has three speciality restaurants, lounge pool bar and wedding chapel.

These projects took shape under the guidance of Mr Saliot, and he is the reason why these projects become a tremendous success in the countries of Jakarta and Bali respectively. He emphasises the protection of biodiversity of a country with all his projects displaying extra care towards protection of the environment.

Currently, Mr Saliot is developing the Megati resort in Bali. The project has the vision of creating and capturing the land value. This project is being set up with the objective of creating a unique relationship between humans and nature in the region.

Mr Saliot provides his services in development and management of tourism projects. He gives advice in legal matters, helps in the market study and is involved in the development of tourism projects through Euro-Asia Management Group.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Why the name of Louis Gerard Saliot taken so fondly in Fiji?

Those who have visited Fiji or have seen pictures know about the natural scenery of the island nation. But do those who plan to travel to Fiji know about the hospitality and leisure industry of the country? If you talk to any traveller or read the blogs about Fiji tourism, then you would find out about an industry which is among the best in the world.

The state of the tourism industry and infrastructure projects was pitiful, and this is when the Government of Fiji decided to bring investors, architects and Engineers to the country. A real-estate developer who was pivotal in the development of tourism in Fiji was Louis Gerard Saliot.

He is one of the biggest names in the tourism industry of South Asia and Pacific region, and before coming to Asia, he has worked in the real estate industry for several years.

His company Euro-Asia Management Group which got founded in 1994 have contributed to the projects like Natadola Marine Project. This was a dream project of Gerard Saliot to create gardens, villas and apartments so that the tourist arriving from across the world can enjoy these facilities. Build near the Natadola bay; this project helped in adding to the already well-known name of his.

Natadola golf course is one of the most famous golf courses in the world and is renowned for its serene beauty.

The people of Fiji are grateful for his services as his work not only helped the tourism industry but also created employment opportunities for the youth of Fiji. The restaurants, hotels and resorts have opened jobs in different domains.

He has a dynamic personality full of charisma, and it was a mission of his to help those in need in the process of achieving his goals, and he was able to do it all. The tremendous popularity he has in Fiji and other countries like Indonesia is evidence.

If you need to know more about Gerard Saliot or want services from market study, financial assumption, land negotiation to legal services, Euro Asia is an ideal choice for clients.

Monday, 15 January 2018

How Louis Gerard Saliot Contributes to Develop Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace around the world. It enhances economic development and creates employment for youths. Thus, the tourism industry is one of the most popular forms of earning foreign exchanges to push-up the economic growth of a country. To win the hearts of tourists, excellent resorts are needed with world-class facilities besides possessing a natural panoramic view.

Asia Pacific region is one of the most critical regions of the tourism industry. The area has abundant natural and artificial tourism hubs for spending holidays fantastically. Earlier, the part wasn’t much accessible with no resorts and infrastructures for connectivity. Despite being blessed with exotic natural islands, islet, unspoilt water resources, water fall, and others, the region wasn’t getting much appreciation and tourists from different regions.

Realising the potential of the tourism industry, Louis Gerard Saliot has started master planning and building of resorts in the region. He founded the Euro Asia Management Group after moving from Europe in 1994, with his two partners having offices at Singapore and Indonesia. The company has been offering business development and project development and management services to the clients in the area.

Till now, Euro Asia has been successful in building many projects and others are in the pipeline. With the completion of every project, the team expanded with induction of new members to offer specialised services. Today, the company can offer conceptualisation to implementation of architectural designs with international standard and quality as required by clients within the deadline.

With Gerard Saliot at helm, the company is expanding its networks and works creating two sister companies – Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract. These two companies enable construction of hotels and restaurants in the resorts. Every holiday destination needs hospitality services to entertaining facilities for visitors. 
The companies offer crucial services for immediate construction of projects related to hospitality industry.

The contributions of Saliot are many for development of tourism industries in Asia Pacific region. His visionary leadership and capabilities in envisioning luxuries projects is unquestionable.

Friday, 12 January 2018

How Louis Gerard Saliot Helps to Develop Luxury Tourism Projects in Asia Pacific?

Developing a world-class hub for tourists is not easy. Required expertise and experience in building projects that would be loved by people of all age groups. Standing out to the demand of clients while maintaining quality and prices is an impressive feat that Euro Asia Group does in every project.

Staying at the helm of Euro Asia Management Group, Louis Gerard Saliot supervises and consider every detail of the project in consultation with the clients. Starting from conceptualisation, designing of the master plan, architectural implementation, and fabrication of the project – he dedicates heart and soul to achieve an international standard hub as described by clients.

Further, Euro Asia has a team of expert professionals to carry out every aspect of the project with perfection. It is one of the few reasons why the company has been successful in building world-class tourism in Asia Pacific region. After the development of tourism hubs, the company has been offering management services to maintain their standards and shines intact.

The area is known for having nature best sceneries like a waterfall, islet, islands, tropical forests, and others. However, the countries remain inaccessible to world’s tourists due to lack of infrastructures like resorts, road, and others. Euro Asia is one of the top companies promoting the tourism industry of different countries – Fiji, Jakarta, Singapore, Java, and others.

Nobody loves to stay in a resort that doesn’t attract or offer a luxury setting for a perfect holiday. The resort must contain establishments for foods, lodging, shopping malls, spas, kid clubs, sports complexes, marinas, and other facilities. These are prime factors attracting tourists to spend a holiday and get a unique experience.

Enabling rapid procurement of necessary accessories for projects is Euro Asia Hotel Contract, a sister project of Euro Asia. The company has been instrumental in acquiring international standard products from the neighbouring areas.

Hospitality services are an essential part of the hotel and restaurants operating in an area. Realising this importance, Gerard Saliot has founded Hotel Modular Development company to design and install resorts within a short time.

Owing to these contributions, Saliot has got accolades from the government of different countries. His vision and urge to get the highest quality tourism projects won’t be forgotten quickly.

Monday, 8 January 2018

How has Fiji become a Tourist Hotspot in Asia Pacific Region?

Fiji is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago of 333 islands with only 110 of them inhabited. In spite of the huge repository of natural beauty that this country has possessed right from the beginning, the potential for tourism was not recognised and appreciated until very late. Most of the islands were desolate and barren for decades. Also, the poverty and listlessness of the leaders there rendered the place into a forgotten, run-down mess.

Some visionaries realised the immense potential for tourism that this place had. They had their imagination and resolved to transform the unrefined landscapes into paradisiacal dreamland. They understood that all this place needed was a push of some brilliant infrastructure befitting the enormous promise that this land had.

Thus, the transformation began, amidst risks of failure. The result was anything but a failure. Fiji became an exciting new entrant in the mainstream tourism industry, and its rise over the years was astonishing. Swiftly but surely Fiji became one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, and it continues to be one today.

The place gained fame for its greenery, mountains, beaches, boating, fishing, scuba diving adventures. It quickly became the destination of families and couples looking for peace, adventure and safety.

Tourism in Fiji today has a significant share in the country’s GDP. It remains the major employment source for Fiji.
Not many believed in Fijian tourism in its nascent stage. A man named Louis Gerard Saliot did.  He had the creativity and resolve which almost single-handedly transformed Fijian tourism.

He founded his company- EuroAsia Management Group in 1994. The group which specialises in tourism infrastructures like hotels, resorts and theme parks, from conceptualisation to implementation and auditing.

Gerard Saliot has worked tirelessly to transform Fiji tourism and the projects under his belt bear testimony to that.

The flagship project, the shining star of the EuroAsia Group, is the Natadola Marines Project which is regarded as Fiji’s premier integrated resort complex. Located on the beautiful Natadola beach, surrounded by reefs and azure waters, the resort has it all, from adventure sports to lavish suites to world-class dining, and a golf course, yes!
Just imagine, like Gerard Saliot did. Fiji awaits your presence.